• April is National Poetry Month!

    Prose writers can click here to find one way to honor their poetry fellows. See what Pacific Northwest poets are doing in April here.
  • I’m a writer, too!

    On 12.01.09, I estimated that I had about 32,000 words left to write to complete my first draft of the opening book in my paranormal mystery series, THE LOST & FOUND.

    Here's my progress updated 2.12.10:

    33% of 32,000 (10,648 wds)
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Online workshops

Writer’s Rainbow Winter 2010 Writing Workshops (online)

•MRC 101A/B: Rabbit’s Hat: (for magical realist writers) 
beginners and intermediate
Duration: Four sessions of generative writing aided by prompts
Format: Online/NonInteractive
Dates:  Mar 5 through Mar 26 (Fri)
Description: In this four-week online workshop, you’ll use your time generating new work and learning strategies for incorporating literary magical realism into your prose. Participants are expected to submit a minimum of 2 new drafts for review over the course of this workshop and will receive weekly prompts to get them started. I will offer my feedback on what works, what could be improved, what questions might linger, and how well you were able to capture elements of magical realism. My aim is to nurture your understanding of literary magical realism so that it becomes a natural and organic direction for your writing.
                This class is appropriate for writers who are either new to literary magical realism or somewhat familiar with literary magical realism or speculative fiction. My specific focus will be on assisting writers in generating new work that shows an understanding and/or mastery of literary magical realism. Handouts will offer writing strategies and some light supplemental reading. This class is limited to 8 members and will meet with me through a private platform online. There is an orientation period so that participants can familiarize themselves with the platform (which is pretty easy to use). There is no live chat session for this workshop; the focus for now is to learn by doing; that is, generating new magical realist work and acquiring new tools for honing those skills.
Texts/Materials: Announced once class is filled
Class Min/Max: 4/8
Registration deadline: Feb 17, 2010
Platform orientation: Feb 25, 2010
Price/Payment Form: $100USD; PayPal (click on link above) -OR- check or money order payable to Writer’s Rainbow and sent to Writer’s Rainbow, PMB 204, 321 High School Rd NE, Ste D3, Bainbridge Island, WA  98110. Check or money order must be received by January 22, 2010 to guarantee placement in class. 

Writer’s Rainbow Spring 2010 Writing Workshops (online) || Due to a full client schedule and a full 1:1 mentorship schedule, I will not be offering online classes again for Writer’s Rainbow (except through 1:1 mentorships) until Oct 2010.  _______________________________________

 Complete Course Catalog

   [o=online]  [b=Bainbridge Island Metro Park District] [x=other]

Generative workshops

WRAIN 100 [o]— Back to School, Back to Writing (next session Fall 2010)

 WRAIN 110 [o]—Prose Ekphrastika: Strangeness (next session TBA)

 WRAIN 303 Series [o][b]—Content Builder for bloggers (runs Fall and Spring online, and live for Winter, Spring and Fall 2010 sessions via the BI Park District–let me know if you’d like a live session in Summer 2010)

 MRC 200 [o]—Rabbit’s Hat series (writing magical realism) (A=beginning, B=intermediate) (next session Winter 2010)
Revision workshops

WRAIN 200 [o]—Wet Dog Stories (Fall 2010)
Web 2.0 focus workshops

WRAIN 303 Series [o][b]—Content Builder for bloggers (runs Fall and Spring online, and live for Winter, Spring and Fall 2010 sessions via the BI Park District–let me know if you’d like a live session in Summer 2010)
Writing clinics
WRAIN 400 [o] [b]—Team Rainbow! National Novel Writing Month clinic  
(next session Fall 2010)
Process workshops
WRAIN 500 [o]—Silencing the Critic  (next session Winter 2010)

new WRAIN 501 [o]—The Creative Journey On a Full Tank: How to Reclaim Your Time & Energy  
(next session TBA)

new WRAIN 510 [0]—Build Your Own Writers’ Network  
(next session TBA)

new WRAIN 550 [o]—The Creative Life: monthly moderated forum  
(next session TBA)
Magical realism workshops

MRC 100 [o]—Diagnosis: MR (intro to magical realism)  (next session TBA)

 MRC 200 [o]—Rabbit’s Hat series (writing magical realism) (A=beginning, B=intermediate)  (next session Winter 2010)

 MRC 301 [o]—Curses!  (next session TBA)

 MRC 302 [o]—Metamorphosis  (next session TBA)
1:1 mentoring sessions
(most sessions available year-round and customized to the student’s individual needs; contact Tamara to determine availability, pricing and schedule)

WRAIN 600 [o]—Finish That Novel! (available year-round) (for writers who have stalled in the process of writing their novel’s first draft)

WRAIN 602 [o]—Back 
to School, Back to Writing (available annually for Fall session only) (for writers who are parenting young children)

 WRAIN 603 [o]—Creative Trainer: Process Building for Writers (available year-round) (for those who have been absent from their writing life or who are brand new to the writing life)

 new WRAIN 604 [o]—Platform Building 101 (available year-round, starting Fall 2010) (for writers in search of publication or who have specific projects ready to market–this is a career development mentorship)

 new WRAIN 605 [o]—The Creative Journey On a Full Tank: How to Reclaim Your Time & Energy (available year-round) (for writers who are challenged by time management)

WRAIN 606 [o]—The Self-Published Writer Short Course (available year-round, starting Fall 2010) (for writers who want to make the most of their self-published projects: manuscript revision strategies, introductory production and design principles, and basic marketing strategies)


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