• April is National Poetry Month!

    Prose writers can click here to find one way to honor their poetry fellows. See what Pacific Northwest poets are doing in April here.
  • I’m a writer, too!

    On 12.01.09, I estimated that I had about 32,000 words left to write to complete my first draft of the opening book in my paranormal mystery series, THE LOST & FOUND.

    Here's my progress updated 2.12.10:

    33% of 32,000 (10,648 wds)
  • INTRODUCING… Writer’s Rainbow Gift Certificates! The perfect gift for the writer in your life!


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Live workshops

Preview of Winter 2010 classes for the Bainbridge Island Metro Parks and Recreation District:

 *Blogging 101 for Writers [BIMPRD #123310, Sat 10:00a-3:00p, 1/23 – $40]

*Blogging 102: Taking Your Blog to the Next Level  [BIMPRD #123311, Wed 7:00p-9:30p, 2/17 & 2/24 – $40]

*Blogging 103: Content Builder for Bloggers [BIMPRD #123312, Sun 12:30p-1:30p, 2/7-3/7* – $40 *no class 2/14]

*WRAIN 302—Blogging 104: Blogging Ethics [BIMPRD # 123313, Wed 7:00p-9:00p, 3/3 – $25]

Class details outlined in the winter 2010 BIMPRD Winter Catalog. Check under Adult Arts Programming.

Meanwhile, registration for Winter 2010 Online Workshops and 1:1 mentorships (both live and noninteractive) opens Dec 15!

WINTER 2010 Online Creative Writing Classes Schedule

*Silencing the Critic: Live interactive strategies for managing the inner critic, supplemented with handouts from the instructor. Sunday group sessions online, 8-9pm (Pacific Time) from Feb 7-Feb 28. 4 students minimum; 6 students maximum. $100.
Registration Deadline Jan 22, 2010.
*Rabbit’s Hat 101A/B: This generative workshop encourages writers to learn strategies for incorporating literary magical realism into their prose. For both beginners and advanced students. Noninteractive. Four weekly sessions via email; assignments launched Fridays from Mar 5-Mar 26. $100.
Registration Deadline Feb 17, 2010.
Note: I am out of town for nearly half of January and have not scheduled classes for that month as a result, nor will I be taking new clients at that time. There will be more online classes starting in April and my schedule for new clients will open up again in March. My apologies for those students who are ready to jump back into their work!

Please visit the Online Workshops page to view the complete course catalog offered by Writer’s Rainbow.

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