• April is National Poetry Month!

    Prose writers can click here to find one way to honor their poetry fellows. See what Pacific Northwest poets are doing in April here.
  • I’m a writer, too!

    On 12.01.09, I estimated that I had about 32,000 words left to write to complete my first draft of the opening book in my paranormal mystery series, THE LOST & FOUND.

    Here's my progress updated 2.12.10:

    33% of 32,000 (10,648 wds)
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Client testimonials

What people are saying about Tamara Kaye Sellman and Writer’s Rainbow

“Tamara’s experience as an editor came through in her constructive comments about my novel. Working with her helped me make my work clearer and more vivid.”—Eileen N., Washington (writer)

“Tamara Sellman exhibits a high level of compassion and generosity. If those are not always the first words to describe most in her profession, they hold true for her. She shares her dedication to intellectual rigor and artistic excellence with many. Her sense of humanity places her among the rare and valued.”—Catherine H., Arizona (writer)

“Working with Tamara Sellman as one’s editor is an absolute pleasure. She is friendly, professional, responsive and goes way beyond the call of duty. A very few editors have the power to make a writer feel seen as an artist and a person. Tamara is one of them.”—Jan S., California (writer)

“Tamara is as rigorous in her editing as she is ingenious in her pitches and dedicated in her promotions. If there were anyone in particular I would want behind me in this writing life, it would be Tamara Sellman. I am grateful for her devotion to cultivating a literary life that benefits us all, for her initiative, leadership, creativity and persistence.”—Carol Z., California (writer)

“Tamara Sellman’s words and handouts were supportive of each other. I’ve been given hope, affirmation and renewed energy. I’m sorry it’s over…so worthwhile and inspiring. Thank you, Tamara!”—Rita L., Illinois (workshop participant)

“Tamara Sellman undertook the final proofreading of our short story anthology, Obliquity. Although the manuscripts had been through many readers, as well as an excellent copy-editor, her attention to detail and alertness brought many more errors and subtle discrepancies (such as shifts in typeface usage and spacing between paragraphs and around drop caps) to our attention. Her professionalism, helpful suggestions, and commitment to the literary endeavor should recommend her to anyone who needs editorial advice or assistance.”—Vicki Saunders, Production Manager, Tuesday Night Publishing, Washington

 “As a writer, I can’t think of an editor I’d rather work with than Tamara Sellman. Her instructions are perfectly clear, her commentary both kind and useful, and her execution flawless.”—Larri Ann R., Texas (writer)

“Tamara offers a wonderful structure for story study. She set a comfortable atmosphere which encouraged comments and questions. She also included insightful comments and anecdotes about her experiences, which gave the workshop a fine variety and balance. I would take a follow-up workshop from Tamara Sellman in a heartbeat!”— Sheila B., Illinois (workshop participant)

“Tamara’s skills and creativity as a literary arts organizer are rare. Her stubborn, selfless commitment to this type of work affirms writers’ hope in these desperate times for the arts and literature in particular. Tamara is a border-crosser—able to transcend cultural boundaries to discover and bring us the gifts of those voices that are often overlooked. She is one of those unforgettable people one always wants to ask, ‘So, what are you working on now?’ …As an editor, Tamara Sellman has that ‘eagle-eye’ that is able to identify and promote great talent, as well as talent in ‘incubation.’ “—Naomi Ayala, New York (author, Wild Animals on the Moon)

“Tamara’s writing assignments were good for ideas and getting started. The self-revision and editing was also very helpful. Please consider coming back to do another workshop!”—Becky B., Illinois (workshop participant)

 “Tamara Sellman is generous with her time and professional in her demeanor. Her anthology… is an intersection, or as Borges would have said, an aleph, for a wide range of literary interests and talents. It is always a pleasure to work with her.”—Kathleen Alcalá, Washington (author, Spirits of the Ordinary)

“Tamara Sellman is a creative, energetic and inspired editor.”—Joe Benevento, Missouri (scholar, editor, author, The Odd Squad)

“I am delighted to recommend Tamara Sellman to you as an excellent writer and facilitator of writing projects of all kinds. Her website on magical realism is simply top notch. I have referred colleagues and students to it so that they can be aware of developments in contemporary magical realism. I might say that I myself am not usually very sympathetic to web endeavors, but I consider Tamara’s to be a very good one indeed, which bodes well for her future endeavors.”—Wendy Faris, Texas (scholar, editor, Magic Realism: Theory, History, Community, and author, Ordinary Enchantments)

“Tamara’s editorial skills and creative abilities are astounding. Her intellect mixed with her appreciation of the unique make her a true asset to the literary community.”—Isaac Sweeney, Virginia (Managing Editor, The Journal for Rockingham and Augusta Counties)

“Tamara Sellman is gutsy, savvy, bright and has such a ‘can-do’ attitude that you can’t help but succeed just by knowing her. Whatever she does, she does well, wholeheartedly and with great passion.”—Bruce Taylor, Washington (founder, Magic Realist Writers International Network)
Previous clientele
Tamara Sellman has contributed presentations before the following organizations:

The Associated Writers Programs Conference, various locations

Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation District, Bainbridge Island, WA

Field’s End: A Writers’ Community, Bainbridge Island, WA

Foolscap SFF Convention, Bellevue, WA

Highline Community College, Highline, WA

Jane’s Stories Press Foundation, various locations

Mount Prospect Public Library, Mount Prospect, IL

Mundelein Park District Continuing Education, Mundelein, IL

Norwescon Science Fiction Convention, Sea-Tac, WA

Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, Bellevue, WA

Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference, Tacoma, WA

PEN Washington, Seattle, WA

The Port Townsend Writers Conference, Port Townsend WA (July 2010)

Prairie Moon Bookstore First Friday Coffeehouse, Arlington Heights, IL

Richard Hugo House, Seattle, WA

Wild Dove Writers’ Studio, Arlington Heights, IL

Write On the Sound Writer’s Conference, Edmonds, WA

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