• April is National Poetry Month!

    Prose writers can click here to find one way to honor their poetry fellows. See what Pacific Northwest poets are doing in April here.
  • I’m a writer, too!

    On 12.01.09, I estimated that I had about 32,000 words left to write to complete my first draft of the opening book in my paranormal mystery series, THE LOST & FOUND.

    Here's my progress updated 2.12.10:

    33% of 32,000 (10,648 wds)
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Registration open! “Silencing the Critic” Online Class

WRAIN 500: Silencing the Critic (group strategies for dealing with the inner critic)  Sign up here
Duration: Three sessions of live interaction supplemented by handouts from instructor
Format: Online/Interactive
Dates:September 13 through 27 (Sundays, time windows: TBD)
Description: In this three-week interactive workshop, you’ll use your time to discuss the inner critic: how it manifests in your life and what to do about it. Participants are expected to join in all 3 live private chats, which I will moderate and direct, and will be given “homework” which essentially assists with behavior modification and awareness of negative self-talk issues. During these chats, you will be expected to answer specific questions related to your inner critic and offer brief responses to your “homework” assignments. My aim is to use the very small and focused live group discussion to show participants that they are not alone, that they all have good solutions to share, and that together we, as writers, can help each other through the pitfalls of the creative life.
                This class is appropriate for all creative people at all levels of ability. My specific focus will reflect creativity coaching training I’ve received from the Eric Maisel program. Handouts will cover different aspects of the inner critic. This class is limited to 6 members and will meet with me through a private platform online initially, then again in the live forum. There is an orientation period so that participants can familiarize themselves with both the platform (which is pretty easy to use) and the live forum feature. Participants are encouraged to be honest and open-minded about their problems with the inner critic in this safe, private, and nurturing environment.
               Live chats will occur on Sundays; chat meeting time will be determined after class fills. Homework and handouts discussed at live chat. This workshop will be offered again in January 2010.
Texts/materials: Announced once class is filled
Price/Payment Form:$75; PayPal
Registration Deadline: August 30 Sign up here
Class Min/Max: 3/6
Platform orientation: September 6


RE: Holiday gift ideas and specials from Writer’s Rainbow!

Creative Trainer ~ Original Edition
Register and prepay before 12.15, get 3rd month free!
A $60 savings!
More info

Creative Trainer ~ Parenthood Edition
Register and prepay before 12.15, receive 1 free ms critique (up to 5,000 words)
A $30 value!
Read my pledge
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Drop-in Online Writing Clinic for January: “I Resolve”
MON: 2-4pm, TUES: 9-11 pm, WED: 2-4pm, THURS: 9-11am, FRI: 6-8am
~ Weekdays Jan 2—Feb 8 ~
Sign up with a friend and save $10!
Registration and fee for both parties due 12.19.
More info [click on “Online Workshops”]

RE: new coaching service for writing parents

Parenthood Edition

Are you, as a mother or father of a preschool-aged child, struggling to find time for your writing projects, dreams, or drives? I completely understand the challenges of balancing parenthood and one’s writing career. I also know, first-hand, that it’s possible to have a writing life while raising small children (either full-time or as a working parent).

The CREATIVE TRAINER: Parenthood Edition coaching service is designed specifically with writing parents (and their schedules!) in mind. I want to help rejuvenate writers who have fallen into poor writing habits or need to add structure and accountability to their regular schedules due to the special circumstances revolving around the nonstop and demanding life of early parenthood.

I know precisely where you’ve been and have much to share with you. Let me be your virtual roadmap for navigating the creative, emotional and physically demanding life of the writing parent.

Holiday Special! Sign up for Creative Trainer: Parenthood Edition services by December 15, 2007 and receive one Classic Manuscript Critique (up to 5000 words) FREE! A $30 value! This service makes a terrific gift and an excellent writer’s jumpstart for 2008!

Sign up here