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    On 12.01.09, I estimated that I had about 32,000 words left to write to complete my first draft of the opening book in my paranormal mystery series, THE LOST & FOUND.

    Here's my progress updated 2.12.10:

    33% of 32,000 (10,648 wds)
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Pearl Diving: Friday’s rainbow meditation

Original image: “Lily Pads, Morton Arboretum, Chicagoland, 2007” by Tamara Kaye Sellman.

The simplest way to handle a meditation is to sit comfortably in a quiet, dimly lit space, light a candle, and stare at the flame while you read the meditation, multiple times if necessary. Very soft background music can help block out the sounds outside your space. You can approach a meditation in multiple ways. One popular way is to think about the meditation itself and “listen” from inside for responses to what it’s suggesting to you. “Listening” can include actually hearing words, but it can also mean feelings, intuitions, passing images and other idea “inputs” that are normal for you. Another effective way is to spend the first part of your meditation staring at the candle flame and breathing, thinking of nothing at first (do not read the meditation yet). Allow your mind to spend its stray energy and breathe all the random thoughts as far outside yourself as you can. The goal is to be blank; then read the meditation and “listen.” Sometimes, the material in the racing random thoughts you just dispelled can inform how you “hear” the wisdom in the meditation. Always remember, as creative people, we already carry solutions to our creative challenges inside ourselves. It’s how we find our access to them that unlocks our creativity and liberates us to make, be and do.


Today’s meditation comes from One Spirit: Pearl Diving

Pearls of wisdom are not only found by reading scriptures or books by holy men, or talking with teachers–we can also find the answer to many of our questions about life by looking within. So dive deep within your self, fearleslly, and find the truth that frees you from delusion and anxiety and allows you to live more freely–and more at peace.

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