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Seattle publishing through the Web 2.0 lens: Pitch Salon

What is it: The Pitch is a local Eat Sleep Publish event where anyone interested in the future of publishing is welcome to come and share their thoughts.

How does this event work? The Pitch is essentially a round table. Each event has a guiding question (or The Pitch) that the group is trying to dissect, analyze, and understand.

In this special edition of The Pitch, the “speakers” portion of the evening will be a little enhanced and elongated, so that there will be a number of business ideas to discuss.

After the short presentations, the floor is open to everyone (moderated by Jason Preston). There is one microphone that will be passed around the group, and the entire event is made into an audio recording that will be sent to the attendees.

Participants are encouraged to upload photos, tweet, or blog their thoughts during, before, after, inside, on, around, adjacent from, or perpendicular to the event. Hopefully, the group can collectively take some baby steps in understanding what publishing and journalism are becoming.

Interested? Put your name on the list.

When: March 18th, 2009, from 7-9pm.
Where: Lucid in the U-District – Seattle, WA. ( Google Knows )
The Pitch: What is the best business model for news in the next five years?
What else? There’s a $200 bar tab for participants in The Pitch, so get there early and drink often.
RSVP: The venue fills up at 30 people, so be sure to put your name down before the space runs out.
Who’s Speaking?

  • Todd Herman is co-founder of SpinSpotter.
  • Ben Reed is the senior product marketing manager for Windows Media Center at Microsoft Corp. In this capacity, Reed and his team are charged with developing the marketing fundamentals and insights for Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center turns a PC into a digital video recorder, on which users can enjoy TV shows at their convenience on a PC, on TV and on the go.
  • Brian Westbrook: Find out more about him at his tech blog!
  • Hanson Hosein is a big thinker on the future of media from the faculty at the University of Washington and formerly of MSNBC.com. Check out his site.

From Jason Preston @ EatSleepPublish: “This special edition of The Pitch will work just a bit differently than previous pitches: there will be more speaking. …the idea is to hear the best business ideas from entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the space. We’ll spend the rest of the time ripping those ideas apart for ethical, practical, and nonsensical reasons. …

Note from Tamara: I’m really going to try to go. Really, I am. I have commitments on Tues/Thurs night and coming from BI means extra cash outlay just to go. And I have a head cold. But I reallyreallyreally want to go for this event and talk about the Kindle…

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